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Directions to the Glen Ridge Antiques Show

The Glen Ridge Congregational Church is located on the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Clark Street, two blocks south of Bloomfield Avenue, just past the Glen Ridge High School.
Entrance to the Antiques Show is through the Clark Street doors.

From Garden State Parkway Southbound

1. Exit 151 (Watchung Avenue)
2. After toll, turn right onto Watchung Avenue
3. Go 3 traffic lights to Ridgewood Avenue and turn left
4. Drive through 3 more lights
5. The church is on the left, 2 blocks beyond the 3rd light

From Garden State Parkway Northbound

1. Exit 148 (Bloomfield Avenue)
2. After toll, go down exit ramp and cross over Bloomfield Avenue
3. At the next light, turn left, then turn left again at the next corner to return to Bloomfield Ave.
4. Make right onto Bloomfield Avenue
5. Go 7 lights to Ridgewood Avenue, turn left and drive 2 blocks
6. The church is on the left

For more directions, click the Google Maps link to the right.


Street parking is available on Ridgewood Avenue, Clark Street and neighboring side streets.


The Glen Ridge
Congregational Church
195 Ridgewood Avenue
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028




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